World-class science is the foundation of new medical discoveries. To turn this into life-changing medicines: that requires something more. To turn this into a whole new class of medicines: that requires something special. We are building something special at 4D pharma.

We are pioneers in understanding and utilising the functionality of bacteria as a revolutionary new class of medicines – called live biotherapeutics.

The bacteria which colonise the human gastrointestinal tract – known as the gut microbiome – have emerged as one of the most promising targets in medicine. More than just aiding in the digestion of food and production of vitamins; they are important in the development and regulation of our immune system. We are also forging an understanding of their role in the maintenance of our central nervous system.

What makes 4D pharma different?

We understand that the bacteria of the gut microbiome have an important function in health and disease, but importantly – we understand how they function, and how they could be used as potential new therapies.

Watch our video below to find out more about our approach.

Understanding how they function means that our Live Biotherapeutics are potentially providing new and effective treatments for IBS and Crohn’s Disease and game-changing treatments for cancer, asthma and autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

4D and the Live Biotherapeutics we develop have the potential to transform he way in which many challenging diseases are treated.

What sets us apart?

  • We are targeting a new, safer approach to drug development
  • We are a fully integrated microbiome company with the capability to progress from research to production to clinic
  • We understand mechanism: how our products exert their therapeutic effects and act as a drug
  • We have developed and wholly own the largest intellectual property estate in the field

We have laid foundations that have positioned 4D to transform the sector; with four clinical programmes set to deliver data and a number of development programmes heading towards the clinic, 4D will play the lead role in defining the microbiome space.